8Lb Pressure

Band Type: 5 Piece Original Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Founded: August 2009
Recommended if you like: Machine Head, Godsmack, Metallica

Band Members: 
Brandon Seymour - Vocals         
Roman Martinez - Guitar
Shaun Hale - Guitar
Rob Mutchler - Bass
Jay Coughlin - Drums/Percussion

Facebook: facebook.com/8lbpressure/
Band Representation Label: Self
Contact Email: 8lbpressure@gmail.com  

Band Bio

8LB Pressure is a melodic, intense, heavy rock, groove oriented band that pulls the influences of acts such as: Machine Head, Biohazard, Godsmack, Metallica and Korn. 8LB Pressure obtains a radio friendly sound that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages, but provides riffs and progressions that can be appreciated by veteran hard rock fans. We aspire to create and produce a diverse sound that will continue to please our fans and reach new listeners. Our goal is to be a consistent presence in the world of hard rock.

Mike Grund, guitarist, brings the experience of touring the east coast with the band, Grumpy, whom were actively involved in the Orlando area music scene. Returning to his home town of Columbus, Ohio, Mike met up with longtime friend Ken Appleman, guitarist, and the two initiated recruiting the members of 8LB Pressure with Ken using his savvy business expertise to further the project. Mike Slaymaker, a Recording Workshop graduate and seasoned drummer, was producing local bands at Slaymaker Studio, when approached by Ken and Mike G. Mike immediately joined the project and the trio wrote and recorded their music while searching for a proficient bass player and a strong frontman. Bill Roberts, bassist, came to 8LB Pressure after a long hiatus from playing since his stint in Addictive, a local band who were well know in the Columbus, OH music scene. The vocalist, Brandon Seymour, hails from Tainted 13, a popular cover band that has played Columbus and surrounding area venues for eight years. The band has had a few line up changes due to jobs or health concerns. Kenny Appleman, Mike Slaymaker and Bill Roberts had to leave due to life changes. They will always be part of 8lb Pressure. We wish them well on all their endeavors. Stepping in is Rob "BaRob" Mulcher on bass, Brian Kuhn on drums, and Doug Stamper on Guitar. Rob is a former DJ from our favorite rock station 99.7 the blitz. He has brought a driving sound and a great sense of energy to the band. Brian has trained privately with Ex-Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy and shared the stage with the likes of Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big and John Moyer of Disturbed. He has drive and determination to elevate the band to a new level... then 8Lb climbed the tallest mountain in the land seeking the fabled BearJew and indeed they did find him there and he came down from his mountain tower to give his tasty licks to the land. Collectively, 8LB Pressure creates and produces an original heavy, hard hitting sound that stays true to the roots of their influences. The current lineup is the most powerful and commanding of the stage as any act they play along side.


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